We all know that getting clear and flawless skin is a lot harder than just drinking lemon water every day. But don’t lose hope and don’t let those blackheads steal your thunder either!  Blackheads are a pain. No matter how well you wash your face, they show up like unwanted friends and become very hard

Looking for some best cafes for taking some time out from the professional front is always a must to do. Giving time to your loved ones eases you off from pressure and the same monotonous performance daily. If you are residing in Delhi or planning to explore the national capital; here’s a tip. As it

Who doesn’t love to explore? Everyone does, right? Well, novels are an inexpensive way to explore, travel, and whatnot. You cannot see everything that the world has to offer but you can read it and experience it. The best novels to read will not only help to build your vocabulary but also expands your imagination. 

If you hate checking your smartphones constantly all day then you should consider getting a smartwatch. Well, it might seem illogical to get a new gadget to lessen your dependency on another, it can be more effective than you think. Smartwatches are great for keeping you connected, tracking your daily activities to help you meet

Whichever kind of vacation you desire for yourself, pick one (or more) of these top destinations to visit in 2020, pack all your travel gadgets and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. You can definitely expect 2020’s top destinations to focus on key cultural events and the trends that will be occurring in this

Remember those melodramas of Saas-Bahu serials, people especially the young generation is completely bored with such melodramatic situations as a result web series has replaced television series and is gaining popularity in India. Netflix India, Amazon Prime, and other OTT platforms have even started producing original Indian web series keeping the interests of the Indian

I belong to a city which is filled with greenery and life. Bhopal was originally known as Bhojpal, as the city was ruled by Raja Bhoj. Bhopal is widely known as the city of lakes, as it possesses 13 to 14 lakes. It is the 17th largest city in India. Bhopal is a place where

Best Destinations for Couples … 1)Shimla- Cuddly Vibing Shimla is the ideal destination to cuddle up your partner amongst the snowy mountains and breezy green grasslands. The lands here offers many mesmerizing views. You will feel peaceful and quiet. An amazing snowy walk with your partner would be the best.  Shimla is one of the

Who doesn’t love to dress up, but small things can bring down the look of the whole outfit. Whether it’s your shoes or the accessories you are carrying like bags, it plays a pretty good role in bringing out the whole look of an outfit. There are some wholesale markets and factory outlets, providing good

Why waste time sitting and watching Netflix at home when you can go out, And Make Unforgettable Memories by checking out some adventure junkies. Be it river rafting in Ganga, Rishikesh or trekking in Dodital, India has some best places to experience adventure sports. The beaches, mountains, rivers, desert, oceans, offers a great opportunity for

In today’s life not all of us get the time to follow a healthy diet and go to the gym and give their 1-2 hours daily there, which is one of the reasons why most of us are gain belly fat and then fell ashamed in front of other people when their clothes do not

New Delhi, the city present in the heart of the country, is famous for its various tourist spots and places you can’t-miss on your Delhi visit, attracting a number of tourists yearly. Ruled by various rulers in the past, Delhi still hasn’t lost its charm and attracts millions of hearts every year. It won’t be

Cuisines of Tripura

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Cuisines of Tripura is the type of food served in there. A state in the north-eastern part of India is covered by lushed mountains and watery rivers give the native nonvegetarian a good amount of flesh for their meal. Tripura in it has two children one the Tribals and the other is the Bengalis. Both

 The scarf is a fantastic & manly cold-weather accessory. It’s a classic menswear piece with a strong masculine history behind it. Wool, cashmere, and even synthetic scarves are used for their ability to insulate the neck while providing freedom of movement. Check out these 5 best ways to wear a scarf 1. Drape The drape style is

 The city of Bharuch is located at the mouth of the holy river Narmada. There are several sparkling sights located at Bharuch which could quickly attract your glance presenting here a few of them. 1) Cable Bridge  India’s longest cable bridge inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi is open to all for use. People come here

Located in South Asia, Nepal is a culturally rich country, and some of the most popular hiking trails in the world, including Annapurna, Everest Peak, Manaslu, and Kanchenjunga, that lead you on to a place that feels like heaven, Nepal is truly breathtaking! Nepal is also a prominent religious center, housing Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage

Puri: The Land of Culture is located in the state of Odisha, India, embraces the east coast of the Bay of Bengal, 60 kilometers (37 miles) south of the state capital of Bhubaneswar. The city is home to the Jagannatha Temple, one of the four Hindu Dhams, worshiped and adored by all Hindus. Also, 24

City of Mysuru

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Located in the southern part of Karnataka, is Mysore its cultural capital. Mysore is known for its palaces and heritage buildings. It holds for a lot of history and culture of India. It was the capital for the kingdom of Mysore for a few centuries and also saw many rulers. The wonder dynasty is a

Taste of Central India

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The Central India constitute of two states, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. In the 90’s Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh was one state. These states are famous for their street foods, monuments and agriculture. Both the states share similar food interest as they were united once. The people of this region are crazy about street foods, dhabaas

Bengaluru, the garden city and also the city of dreams were millions of students, and where IT professionals migrate to and in horde! Bengaluru was my dream, my student life changed after I joined college here! It showed me life with both the hardships and also the beauty. Bengaluru is home now and is dear

Touristy Sites in Agartala

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Agartala is the capital city of the Indian state of Tripura and the second-largest city after Guwahati. Being the capital city it becomes the most wanted place for the tourists. And this city is set on the banks of Haora River near the Bangladesh border. This city has a rich diversity of culture and flora