Want to Have a Perfect Instagram Pic?

Instaholic… If you spend half of your day just scrolling through your Insta-feed, you are an Instaholic, my friend. In an era where people spend most of their daily hours on social media, I know the struggle of maintaining a good Instagram profile. Whether it’s your stories or your posts, everyone wants it to be

Top Budget Smartphones

The smartphone is such a basic necessity for almost every person to cope with the entire world. The smartphone market has been expended to such an enormous limit that now you can categorize the phones according to their luxurious levels to economical levels. So for buying something in the budget mobile range, there is a

Dark Circles: Ways to Get Rid of Them

One of the scariest things women fear. Dark circles have never been less dreadful than acnes or pimples to the women of all ages. And in today’s world where pollution and stress are at its peak one cannot feel reluctant in accepting this fact. Not only women, even men fear from dark circles not only

5 Insta Worthy Cafes in My City

Need a break from your work? Want to hang out with your friends? Tired of your daily chores and want some alone time? Want to organize a business meeting? Not willing to eat the same boring stuff that you have daily? Looking for a perfect day with your special one? Want to throw a party

5 Insta Worthy Cafes in My City

Entertainment knows no boundaries. Right? All of us have sung Why this Kolaveri Di more than any other Bollywood song and hopped on Gangnam style as if we own that song. So if you are ready to binge-watch some Korean web series then these are my personal favorites I highly recommend, if you are just

City of Ujjain

February 19, 2020 by Local E Bazar in
City Of Ujjain

Ujjain is the city of Indian heritage, located in Madhya Pradesh, India. It is one of Hinduism’s seven sacred cities also known as the temple city of India. the name given to it suggests the city is dotted with the number of big and small, old and new temples making it an important religious place

Introduction to Women’s Handbags and What You Should Consider Before Buying

Women’s Handbags This short and often used word is straightforward and practical, yet surprisingly versatile in the number of products and styles it defines. Functional and fashionable, there’s just no denying the power of a great handbag. Women’s Handbags are an essential category in every woman’s wardrobe and we can never get enough of them,

5 Exhilarating Things to Do in Cuttack One Can’t Forgot

Odisha is a place that is known for archaeological marvels which are obvious at each side of the state. From the old sanctuaries to the unblemished seashores, this lowkey goal includes something inside its limits which appeals to the explorers. What’s more, one of the features of Odisha is Cuttack which is the previous capital

5 Cheap Holiday Destinations Outside India

Holidays play a very vital role in everyone’s life. Holidays not only freshens the mind and inflates creativity but also improves relationships and gives the opportunity to make new friends. We should not only visit the same place again and again but always try to explore new places in and outside India. People think going

1. Take a Good Tour of the Topic Before actually starting to write a blog, know and be confident about your topic. There are times when a blogger doesn’t have the actual idea about the topic. So, at this point in time, research about that topic becomes very important (A blogger has an inquisitive nature,

Tourist Sites in Cuttack

The former capital of the Indian territory of Odisha, Cuttack is nicknamed as ‘The Millennium City’ and ‘ The Silver City’ of India. The name Cuttack truly implies a Fort and alludes to the old stronghold of Barabati, around which, the town of Cuttack is situated. Cuttack is one of the extraordinary traveler goals of

Places you can’t miss on your Delhi visit

New Delhi, the city present in the heart of the country, is famous for its various tourist spots, attracting a number of tourists yearly. Ruled by various rulers in the past, Delhi still hasn’t lost its charm and attracts millions of hearts every year. It won’t be something new to hear people getting awestruck by

10 Classic Cult Movies You Should Revisit Right Now.

Some movies have the magic of capturing an everlasting fan base, where we believe and admire these movies little more than others. They impact us in a way that we always stay abide by loving those movies. Cult movies are those movies that may not have acclaimed any critical success to gather the mainstream audience

Save the Dates: Upcoming Events in Guwahati.

Assam! It is no less than heaven on earth. And you can take that from me since I am a proud Assamese, born and brought up in the laps of the mighty Brahmaputra, surrounded by the evergreen tea gardens and the beautiful Kaziranga. There are still people who ask us if we are foreigners when

Splendid Excellence Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Each young lady needs to look astounding from the minute she awakens. The issue is that occasionally you essentially come up short on the time and vitality required for a total marvel schedule. Things are far more atrocious when you’re having a messy hair day or when you experience the ill effects of skin inflammation.

5 gifts for her this valentines day

It is that time of the year again! Valentine’s week is here. Roses and chocolates are in every corner and heart-shaped balloons are blocking our views; the fresh air smells of fruity perfume and your heart is full of mushy love songs. Still confused what to gift to your betterhalf check these 5 Gifts for

5 gifts for him thid valentine 's day

It is valentine’s week and valentine’s day is around the corner but are you still confused about that special gift you want to gift? Your valentine is special and so should be their gift. But want to do something a little bit different this time around?  Worry not! Small-small things did with love can make

Summer is the season for flaunting your natural perfections. From sleek hair do’s and to just let them flow down. But along with this, we cannot forget to take care of our hair from sweat and dust that comes along with the sun.  Protecting your hair from humidity is kind of a battle. But, if

Many times when you plan a trip, you cancel the idea just by worrying about all the expense it’s going to cost you. Well, traveling, being a tourist is quite an expensive deal but, not exactly when you travel in a budget. Exploring exotic places doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t

Dell XPS 13:- Best Alternative To MacBook?

The Dell XPS 13 is a premium thin and light laptop with some small but welcome improvements from previous generations. If you have been looking for a Laptop to buy over the past few months then you probably know the name but do you know the laptop? Let us dive into one of the most

Indian Regional Movies That Should Be on Every Cinephile’s List

Have you watched the Tollywood movie Bahubali? Yes, the one that broke all records and became a super-duper hit! Have you heard about Sairat? The one that became the highest-grossing Marathi film ever! But sadly, Indian Regional Movies still don’t get as much attention as it should. But now it’s high time to look beyond Bollywood